Euphoria PABX System: Swift & Efficient Quotes

Euphoria: Swift & Efficient Quotes

At Euphoria we are always on the lookout for other cloud based systems that enable us to work more efficiently and deliver the best service to our customers. One of the best discoveries thus far has been our quoting system. We understand time is money. Our customer’s should never spend too much time trying to make sense of a quote and it must be transparent, logical and easy to sign up for our Cloud PABX System.

Our streamlined quoting system allows our sales agent to quote customers within minutes after receiving their requirements. The cloud PBX system quote is received via email and by clicking on the link provided all information you need is available to you. Customer’s also have the option to view a PDF version, if they prefer.

A customer can either interact with the sales agent directly on the quote or just call in to make changes. Your questions will be answered in full giving you a comprehensive understanding of our product. You are always welcome to request a face to face meeting with a demonstration, should your offices be based outside metropolitan Cape Town, Johannesburg or Pretoria a remote demonstration will be offered.

As business owners we understand the frustration around long term contracts and unnecessary paperwork coupled with bad service. We at Euphoria believe that our customers stay with us because of our excellent customer service and great product, therefore we only have a 30 day agreement. Customers stay with us because they love us, not because they are forced to.  One of our first customers bares testimony to this “Several potential VOIP service providers wanted us to commit to long term contracts without service guarantees. Euphoria was confident in their ability to retain our business without any contract, so we decided to use them for our eight sites. Oggie Flooring has received exceptional support and service over the two years since.” J. Gluckman, Oggie Flooring

An example of a typical Cloud PABX system Quote:

• 15 Extensions required
• 10 phones of which 1 should be a reception phone and 9 basic desk phones
• 5 Softphones for the call centre
• 4 concurrent calls – users on the phones at the same time
• A dedicated internet connection for the Cloud (hosted) PBX and VOIP System (in this case we utilised LTE connectivity, there are various options available, for more information read here)
• Call Recording is an optional extra in this case
• There are no POE switches available, the customer will need power supplies for their phones
• The customer requested that Euphoria assists their IT department with the installation

Click here to see an example of online Euphoria Cloud (hosted) PBX Quote

For quick reference see these pictures below:

Details of the setup cost for a new PBX system


Details of all hardware required


A cost breakdown of monthly subscription services and the grand total for set-up and monthly service fee’s


We look forward to welcoming you as customer of Euphoria Telecom.

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