Euphoria Cloud PBX Referral Program

Euphoria Referral Program

Generate extra revenue by referring business to Euphoria Telecom


The Euphoria Business Referral Program rewards registered partners for submitting business referrals that become customers of Euphoria.

There’s no commitment and no monthly sales quota.  You can utilize as many or as few resources as you want – refer qualified leads to us, and you can earn thousands of Rands per qualified sale!

What do I get?

Referral Partners receive a once off commission payment for each successful sale.

The amount paid is directly related to the number of extensions the customer orders:

An amount of R85 per extension initially ordered and is paid to the referral partner once the customer has paid for (3) three months of services and their account is in good standing order.

E.G. = If you refer a 25 user business that successfully signs up with Euphoria you will receive R 85 x 25 = R2125 once off

Referrals commissions are awarded after the referrer has maintained their Euphoria account in good standing for (3) three calender months.

Commission is only paid to registered referral partners

Is there a cost to join Euphoria's referral program?

No there is no cost to apply or be registered as a referral partner with Euphoria Telecom.

You simply sign up, promote our services and either send traffic to our website and landing pages or manually register deals that you personally refer and gain the rewards, there is no cost.

What is my earning potential

As explained above you will receive R85 per extension, for clarity here are some examples below.

Example 1:

If you refer a 10 user business that successfully signs up with Euphoria you will receive.

R 85 x 10 = R850 once off

Example 2:

If you refer a 50 user business that successfully signs up with Euphoria you will receive.

R 85 x 50 = R 4250 once off

Example 3:

If you refer a 130 user business that successfully signs up with Euphoria you will receive.

R 85 x 130 = R 11050 once off

What is a qualified sale?

A qualified sale is when a new customer signs up and pays their setup costs and 3 (three) subsequent months of service fees.

How do you track referral leads from partners?

Once you sign up you will receive a custom tracking code that is built into URL’s that you can use to link to our website. If anyone signs up using those URLs at the time or at a later stage the lead is automatically assigned to your referral account. If the deal converts you earn your commission.


You manually register your leads at

Please note we pay the last referring partner. Whichever partner had the most recent manual lead registration prior to the time of the sale will earn the reward.

Do referral partners earn rewards for customers who buy additional extensions?

Once you have received your reward payment for a referred customer, you will not receive any further reward for any reason. It is a once off payment only for the initial successful order.

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